Erik van den Top

Erik van den Top

Wellness & Performance Coach (ACC | CAPP | Cert Nutrition)

Inspiring, enabling and empowering people to function optimally and flourish.

Erik is an internationally credentialed wellness and performance coach with extensive professional development in positive psychology, neurophysiology, nutrition, biofeedback, resilience, adult development psychology, and neuroscience.

Erik has been in private practice since 2001 and works one-to-one with individual clients, provides corporate wellness programs and workshops and is also a part-time University of Auckland teaching and research fellow.

He combines coaching and positive psychology with powerful and evidence-based biomarker data analytics, which provide deep insights into our physiological health, functioning, and resilience. Erik is recognised by both his clients and the professional community for this unique integration of approaches which generates transformational change for his clients.

At the Align practice, he provides a comprehensive wellness service that incorporates coaching and wellness advice to generate positive (lifestyle) changes, lifestyle stress & recovery assessments, stress profiling and biofeedback training for people who want to restore their health and reach their wellness and performance potential.


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