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Jo Hutchinson

Certified Reiki Master Jo Hutchinson holds an MBA, is a former corporate leader of teams of up to 400 people and an established corporate leadership coach for more than 10 years. With all her experience, she has learned that self-development and self-awareness are a big part of leadership – moving from the mind to the heart and embracing a growth mindset.

“In my corporate work I find people seek clarity, and to build confidence and self-worth. More and more people are also becoming open to mindfulness and meditation practices, seeking guidance away from their daily stresses.

“My Reiki work and intuitive coaching complements what I do in the corporate world.

“I believe energy is the key to our wellbeing and is essential to living our highest expression and purpose.

“Wellbeing is simply the state of ‘Doing Well and Feeling Good’ – of feeling relaxed, clear, confident and resilient.

“Our entire being is interconnected – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – so an imbalance in one affects the other.

“That’s where Reiki and coaching can help.”


What others say about Jo:

“The treatment gave me such clarity of mind and a feeling of self-confidence in that clarity.  Just speaking with Jo, I felt reassured and able to focus on what’s important to me.  I recommend a Reiki session with her – it was great for releasing pain from the body too and she is amazing.”  JE – Waiheke Island